Press Release

October 15, 2018

Vector, The Good Robot, Available Today

Alexa Integration Planned for Holiday

Anki, the consumer robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) company, today announced Vector, its home robot with personality, is available for $249.99 on, Amazon, and Best Buy. Vector is the company’s first fully autonomous, always-on home robot with a rich personality that is also a helpful companion. Being cloud-connected and packing an impressive amount of technology in a small form, Vector is a living character and an evolving consumer robotics platform that will continually expand for years to come. One of the first major updates Anki has planned for the end of the year will be the ability to speak with Amazon Alexa via Vector, allowing you to hear the news, ask questions, control smart home devices and more.

“Vector is the beginning of a journey for us to bring affordable, character-rich robots that feel alive into homes around the world,” said Boris Sofman, CEO and co-founder, Anki. “We’re thrilled to be working with Amazon to incorporate Alexa into an interactive mobile robot like Vector. But function and capability alone won’t win over people in welcoming robots into their lives. We believe emotional intelligence will be a main driver for mass adoption and essential for the next generation of intelligence and functionality in the home.”

Vector represents a positive future where humans cohabitate peacefully with robots. Anki recently launched The Good Robot campaign poking fun at the fear of the uprising of robots, and how the company is helping define the home robotics space that is in its infancy.

“We’re excited to work with Anki and provide customers with a charming new way to interact with Alexa around the home,” said Pete Thompson, Vice President of the Alexa Voice Service. “With Alexa, you can manage your schedule, create lists, access tens of thousands of skills, and more – all with just your voice."

“As we build out more capabilities for Vector next year, we’re looking forward to an even deeper collaboration with Amazon at this unique intersection of character and utility,” added Sofman.

About Vector
Vector is a robot who’s alive with personality, highly-intelligent and aware of his surroundings through touch, sight, and sound. Unassertive and thoughtfully built, he is designed to fit naturally into your daily life as well as any space in your home, with minimal maintenance. Vector isn’t an appliance sitting in the corner waiting for you to flip a switch; he is an extension of your family who is excited for you to walk in the door each day. Vector is designed to complement your life.

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