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June 26, 2017

Anki Delivers Powerful Robotic Programming Platform For Kids With Cozmo Code Lab

Based on Scratch Visual Programming Language from MIT, Code Lab Makes it Easy for Kids to Create Fun Content for Cozmo

In a technology-fueled world, learning to code has quickly become a cherished skill, empowering kids to become creators of the technology that they use and enjoy daily. However, the current tools that are meant to inspire programming offer a lackluster and disjointed experience, often lacking access to high-level functionalities that can help transform an aspiring child into a full-fledged programmer. Anki, the consumer robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) company, today announced Code Lab for Cozmo, a simple and intuitive app-based platform and visual programming language that allows Cozmo owners to easily tap into his advanced robotics technology to program Cozmo. Dragging and dropping block pieces into a sequence in Code Lab will trigger related actions from Cozmo in the physical world. Code Lab is available now to all Cozmo owners as a free software update to the Cozmo app.

“Everything we do at Anki is in an effort to advance the state of robotics, whether that is kids learning coding for the first time, or Ph.D. students solving complex computer vision challenges in a lab with Cozmo,” said Boris Sofman, CEO and co-founder at Anki. “With the launch of Code Lab, Cozmo now helps kids develop logic and reasoning skills that coding and programming requires. Combining a real robot like Cozmo with MIT’s very popular Scratch visual programming language, we now have a great tool in letting kids unleash their creativity and learn how fun coding can be.”

Delightfully Intuitive. Easy to Execute.
Cozmo Code Lab provides opportunities for thoughtful and logic-based play as kids are challenged to approach programming much like a real programmer. Writing sophisticated programs requires a programmer to define a set of rules to solve an issue. Code Lab challenges kids to find a solution to prescribed prompts by moving the block pieces into an appropriate sequence. Each block piece represents a specific action, movement or animation including:

  • Movement: Make Cozmo drive forward, backward, turn left or right and control his speed
  • Actions: Control and lift his head, change his backpack colors or have him say short phrases
  • Animations: Access dozens of Cozmo’s unique animations, created by a team of film and gaming animators
  • Events: Trigger specific actions like having Cozmo react to a face, a smile or a frown, or use his cubes to trigger a reaction
  • Control: Set how many times a program will run, either a set amount of times or continuously in a loop

Code Lab for Cozmo is based on Scratch, a programming language project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab used by millions of people around the world.

About Cozmo
Cozmo refuses to sit tight and wait for the fun to begin. He’s ready to play. The more Cozmo gets to know his human friend, the more skilled he becomes as new abilities and upgrades are unlocked. The free-to-download Cozmo app, which runs on compatible iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices, comes packed with gameplay content and constantly introduces new ways to play. Cozmo even brings his own toys to the game — three interactive Power Cubes that he’s willing to share. So whether he’s playing with his Cubes or challenging his human friend to one of the many games he ships with, he’s always ready for action. New Cozmo abilities and game modes are introduced via free software updates, which ensures that the relationship between Cozmo and his human friend stays fresh year-round.

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