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Meghan McDowell

Senior Producer, Anki

Free Software Update For Anki Overdrive Out Today!

Posted by Kelly Peters, Senior Producer, Anki | December 8th, 2016

We are thrilled today to announce a host of new features that’ll supercharge your gameplay with Anki OVERDRIVE. Within the free software update, which was released earlier today (for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire), you can expect to find:

Coin Shop – Wondering what to do with all the coins you’ve earned to date? Visit the new Coin Shop – accessible by clicking the coin icon on the home screen – to pick the Weapon, Special Item or Upgrade you might have missed in your Loot Drops. In addition, the Commanders that you’ve bested in the game will offer up suggestions on ways to outfit your Supercars to become the master of the tracks. Be sure to check back often as the Coin Shop inventory refreshes daily.

Item Cards – New, highly-designed Item Cards provide you with a wealth of information about Weapons, Special Items and Upgrades that empower you to be more strategic with the gameplay. Refer to the Item Cards to learn about information like a weapon’s range, power, slots needed, level, and more!

Goals – The new Goals icon on the home screen gives you access to a constantly-updating set of challenges and achievements that are meant to help you hone your skills and discover new elements of the game. The best part? You’ll be able to earn coins that you can use in the new Coin Shop!

Enriched Onboarding and Tutorial – We’ve launched a new dedicated Training section where you can go to learn more about the Basics, Weapons, and Special Items. In addition, the Practice mode within the new Training section allows you to set up a match with AI commanders to improve on your battle-racing skills.

This free software update is an example of our ongoing commitment to support, update and rollout features that build off the core Anki OVERDRIVE experience. Be sure to stay tuned for news on future software (and hardware) updates to the world's most intelligent battle racing system!

Happy holidays!

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