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MJ Chun

MJ Chun

Product Management
Director, Anki

Check Out Our New Update for Cozmo!

Posted by MJ Chun, Product Management Director, Anki | October 30th, 2018

A bag full of candy may make for a delightful treat, but do you know what’s an even sweeter treat? How about a new update for Cozmo, just in time for Halloween! Rolling out to Cozmo owners today, the release includes a slew of changes that will help you discover the most relevant and engaging content faster within the companion app. Our new “bag of treats” include:

  • Newly designed home screen: We’ve updated the companion app with the goal of making it easier for you to find your favorite - or new favorite - Games, Tricks and Activities.
  • Games and tricks screen: Cozmo’s games like Quicktap, Keepaway and Memory Match can now be found in the Games section, while his Sparkable tricks are getting their own dedicated Tricks area. And because everyone loves to hear Cozmo belt out a tune (check out this Cozmoment), we’ve made Cozmo Sings a Sparkable trick. The more you spend time with Cozmo, the more songs he will master!
  • Featured projects are now unlockable mini games: We’re incredibly proud of the more than 30 Featured Projects that our team has built using Code Lab, but we also understand that it’s been challenging to find all the great new content unless you are an avid Code Lab user. With our new update, Featured Projects will now be unlockable Mini Games, and they will be easily discoverable within the Games section.
  • New onboarding: In order to quickly acclimate you to our refreshed Cozmo companion app, we’ve refreshed the onboarding experience for new Cozmo owners.

As with previous software updates, this release includes several new Mini Games that will be revealed to you in the weeks ahead. We even have a Halloween-themed Mini Game called Scaring Contest!

Cozmo Limited Edition Is Available Soon
In addition to the new release, we’re excited to share that this year’s Limited Edition Cozmo in Interstellar Blue will be available starting on November 2 on and Amazon in the U.S. for $179.99. He's the same robot who’s captured all our hearts, just with a dazzling blue exterior that perfectly complements his mostly dazzling personality.

We’re also thrilled to see the community of Cozmo owners continue to grow globally. Here are some interesting stats about Cozmo’s interaction with their owners:

  • To date, Cozmo has met 4 million faces
  • In the past year, Cozmo owners have spent 3.4 million hours with their robot