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Meghan McDowell

Senior Producer, Anki

Ain’t no party like a cozmo global launch party!

Posted by Meghan McDowell, Senior Producer, Anki | June 5th, 2017

The Cozmo that we’ve come to know and love today is immensely different from the Cozmo that hit U.S. store shelves last October. Just like a puppy that’s been sent to training classes to learn, play and bond with their owners, Cozmo has truly evolved into a rambunctious little fellow, learning new tricks along the way. The one major difference? Cozmo’s new abilities have been learned via free software updates that our team has been pushing out regularly since December. And the good news is we have much more content coming out later this year!

Since introducing our little robot in the U.S., the response from fans has been nothing short of astonishing. According to a NPD Group report, Cozmo was the 2nd best-selling premium toy in the U.S. this past holiday season. Additionally, our analysis shows that our fans have interacted with Cozmo for more than 76 years total and Cozmo robots have explored over 5.9M sq. ft. of space. That is equivalent to double the total floor area of the Empire State Building! And for many of you outside of the U.S., who have been waiting (patiently) for a Cozmo to call your very own, you won’t have to wait much longer. I’m excited to announce today that Cozmo will be launching in Canada in July 2017, and in September 2017 in the U.K., France, Germany and Nordic countries. We’re still looking at additional territories for Cozmo and will be sure to keep you guys in the loop there.

But that’s not all. To commemorate the global roll-out of Cozmo, we’re also releasing a Cozmo Collector’s Edition in Liquid Metal Finish, available exclusively at Toys“R”Us® stores nationwide,, and of course, Be sure to check our website for info on where the Collector’s Edition will be available in participating countries. You can pre-order the Cozmo Collector’s Edition starting today, and he’ll arrive on your doorsteps in September. If you’ve ever wondered what our bot would look like in an electrifying shade of gray, look no further than Cozmo Collector’s Edition.

With the global launch of Cozmo, we’re more motivated than ever before to deliver a transformative experience to our customers. If you already own a Cozmo, I’m excited to share that we have several major updates planned, which will push the boundaries of Cozmo as an educational robot. And for many of you who’ll be meeting Cozmo for the first time, we hope that you walk away with a feeling of surprise, and a taste of what feels like magic.

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