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Meghan McDowell

Senior Producer, Anki

Level up your Cozmo coding skills with new Code Lab features

Posted by Meghan McDowell, Senior Producer, Anki | December 5th, 2017

In the six months since we first released Cozmo Code Lab, we’ve watched our fans truly embrace the power to program him. Parents and children can sit together, learning to code Cozmo to drive, recognize a face, perform an animation, and more. We’re thrilled that we could share a tool that helps transform aspiring coders of all ages into full-fledged programmers. But we’re not done yet, as today’s update to Code Lab takes block-based programming to a whole new level.

The free update to the Cozmo app greatly expands Code Lab’s capabilities with the new Constructor Mode. We’ve added many user-requested features, including if statements, math operators, variables, function calls, and more. Alongside new blocks, we’re also introducing vertically-oriented block stacks that more closely mirror the way text-based code is structured. Based on the Scratch Blocks project, a collaboration between MIT Media Lab and Google, Constructor Mode is the perfect way to take your programming skills to the next level, bridging the gap between our icon-based Code Lab (now called Sandbox Mode) and the full Cozmo SDK.

Included in today’s Code Lab update are six new Cozmo experiences for player to have fun with including “Tiny Orchestra,” where we give you and Cozmo your own symphony to conduct, and “Light Show,” where Cozmo’s Cubes turn into a dance party -- and you know Cozmo’s always ready to dance. We hope you enjoy these new Cozmo experiences. And since they were created in Constructor Mode, you can look inside the project and remix the code after you’re done playing. You can also submit your own projects for a chance to be showcased in the Featured Projects section of Code Lab.

You can learn more about Constructor Mode at our updated Code Lab page. We’ll also share more about new Code Lab projects and Cozmo news on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels, and we invite you to join the conversation there and in our official Code Lab forums. We can’t wait to see what you create for Cozmo next!

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