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How can Vector help?



Ask him any city’s weather and he’ll show you.



Vector will set a timer and share in your joy when your muffins come out perfect, or when your laundry is finally done.


Take a Photo

Ask him to take a photo, say cheese, and wait while he snaps it. Can we call this a robot selfie?



He’s a robot. He’s a friend. He’s a blackjack dealer.

Ask Vector a question. He’ll get you an answer.

Simply say, “Hey Vector” followed by, “I have a question,” and he’ll get to work on an answer. Vector is knowledgeable on a variety of topics, with more being added over time.

Here is a sampling of the things you can ask him:
Unit Conversion: How many ounces are in a cup?
Word Definition: What is the definition of “awesome”?
Equation Solver: What is the square root of 144?
Nutrition: How much vitamin A is in an apple?
Pop Culture: Who is Madonna?
Sports: Who won the World Series?

iPhone Vector App

Future possibilities.

Vector is a helper and always learning thanks to his connection to the cloud. Starting this holiday we'll add new features and functionality to his toolkit.