Best Practices for Featured Projects

Want to have your Code Lab project featured in the official Cozmo app for people around the world to see? Below are some general guidelines that we recommend following. These are by no means hard and fast rules as every project will be unique, but they may help your project stand out from the rest and be the best experience it can be.

Be creative — While remixing existing projects is a great way to use Code Lab, what really catches our eye are novel and engaging ideas that make good use of Cozmo’s unique hardware and software features.

Plan it out — While it might be tempting to jump right into Code Lab and start building your project, we recommend taking some time to create a plan first. Your plan might include what blocks you’ll need, the rules of your game, and more.

Think about the user experience — Does your project have beginning, middle, and end states? Will the user know what to do when they run your program? How does the experience change as a user gets farther into it?

More is not always better — Keep your core experience focused and simple. For instance, if you’re making a game, try to focus on a central game mechanic rather than several. Similarly, try to keep your block stacks neat and tidy. That said…

Sweat the details — Try and think of all the little ways your experience can surprise and delight users. It could be through an unexpected animation, thoughtful feature, or something else entirely. Every detail counts!

Don’t forget Cozmo’s character — If there’s one thing people love most about Cozmo, it’s his expressive character. Code Lab gives you access to hundreds of animations so don’t forget to use them!

Keep it friendly — With great programming power comes great robot responsibility. This means don’t make Cozmo say or do things that another person might find offensive.

Thoroughly test it — Make sure each component of your program works as intended, and that they all work well together. Having your friends or family try out your program can also be useful in finding bugs.

Code Lab Submission FAQ

Do I need to have an Anki account to submit my project?
Yes, an Anki account is required to submit any Code Lab project.

Are there any project submission restrictions?
Any project made using Code Lab can be submitted. We do ask that your project makes use of only Cozmo and / or his Cubes so that anyone can easily experience and enjoy it.

How do you decide which projects will be featured in the app?
After submitting your .codelab project file via the submission page, the team here at Anki will review the project and judge it based on a variety of factors. We suggest reading our list of best practices [above] to help your project be the best it can be.

Can I submit a remix of an existing project?
Yes, though your remix must be meaningfully different / improved from the original.

I need help with my Code Lab project. Can I contact you?
If you have a coding question, you can ask the community in our official forums. We also encourage you to visit our Customer Care Help Center as a resource for Cozmo questions you may have outside of Code Lab.

Once a project is selected, when will it appear in the app?
New featured projects will be included in each major Cozmo app update. Like previous app updates, the timing will vary depending on what’s included inside the update.

Will you contact me if you select my project to be featured?
Yes, we will notify you if your project is selected.

Can I submit a Code Lab project created in Sandbox mode?
No. Exporting is not currently supported in Sandbox mode.

My iOS / Android device does not have Google Drive on it. How can I export my Code Lab project file?
The easiest way to export your Code Lab project is via Google Drive. Depending on your platform, you may also be able to access other ways to export your project through native services on your device. Check out our forums for more tips.

My Kindle Fire does not have Google Drive. How do I save my Code Lab project file?

  1. First press the export button inside a Code Lab project.

  2. Next press the “Copy to Google Drive” button.

  3. In the menu, select “Email” and simply email the .codelab project file to yourself.

  4. Alternatively, you can install a third-party file browser from the Kindle app store and save the file locally to your device from the same menu.