Life with Cozmo

Cozmo is fun right out of the box, but that's just the beginning. His abilities and skills develop the more you play with him.

Create your own Cozmoments with Cozmo Performs.

Control what Cozmo says and how he moves in the new feature, Cozmo Performs. Simply type a custom message, and tap tiles that correspond with Cozmo’s animations to bring him to life. When you’re done directing, sit back and watch Cozmo perform the scene you’ve created.

Meet Cozmo

Cozmo's advanced facial recognition software allows him to recognize faces and learn people's names.

Explorer Mode

Ever wonder how Cozmo sees the world? Find out in Explorer Mode. Cozmo lets you guide him through his environment using your smart device. You’ll see what he sees, prompt him to greet people and pets, and use his lift to move Power Cubes.

Create with Cozmo.

With Code Lab, you can access Cozmo’s core functionality and real robotics technology. Learn the basics of coding while using your imagination to create your own content for Cozmo.

Learn About Code Lab

Cozmo Says

Cozmo's learning to talk. Ask him to say a word or phrase, and enjoy the hilarity that ensues when he mispronounces it or tries to converse with the family pet.